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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

What is full-service interior design?

Full-service design involves a design team spending time with clients to learn how they use their space, crafting a unique design, and project managers ensuring the execution of that design from initial concept through the completion of a remodel and/or installation. This service leaves our clients with a complete space ready for enjoyment.

Will Liv Interiors source the least expensive product?

We prioritize thoughtful, artful and high-quality designs and products, and we try to take on projects with budgets that allow us the ability to design and execute to our standards. Liv Interiors also has a network of partners and vendors whom we have vetted for quality, style, and service, and we source from that network. We have special trade accounts, which can include expedited shipping, free samples, and white glove delivery--benefits we pass along to our clients.

Can I make revisions to the designs I receive?

Clients can make one revision at no additional charge before the Final Design Plan Presentation. Additional revisions will be billed at our hourly rate.

Can I shop on my own?

When it comes to purchasing products for full-service design, Liv Interiors handles all ordering, tracking, receipt, delivery, and install (furniture/accessories) of products, submitting invoices to clients. We buy from trade-only vendors who we have established relationships with and who we know will back us if there is an issue. Clients do not have access to these vendors, therefore, shopping on your own will not be possible.

Do you work with contractors & architects?

Absolutely! It is a major part of our full-service design model and we love collaborating with other design and construction professionals!

How long do projects normally last?

This varies greatly depending on the scope of the project and will be discussed throughout the planning and phase, with a rough timeline set at the time of the Project Kickoff. Factors include the complexity of design, size of the project, permitting, lead times on products, furniture and accessories. Once a general timeline is determined, Liv Interiors will do their best to ensure the timeline is upheld.

What if the project scope increases from the original agreement?

If a client is interested in adding on to the original scope, he/she should discuss with us, so that Liv Interiors can work together with the contractor (if a remodel) to determine and then let the client know whether the work can be done and the additional cost/increase to the budget. The client can decide whether they want to proceed from there. If the work falls inside the existing timeline, we can usually amend our design agreement and fee along with an amended budget provided. If the current project is near completion, or the new project is very different, we may need to create a new agreement, fee structure and timeline.

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